Deacon John's Jump Blues
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"Sonics are spectacular and incredibly clean. The DVD-A is two-sided, one holding 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS, PCM, videos, and liner notes, and the other, the superior 5.1 MLP mixes. Originally recorded with tube amps and Neumann mikes onto an analog 24-track master, it's the first entry in AIX's 'Analog and Vintage Gear Series.' The stereo presentation is beautiful, but surround enthusiasts should opt for the 5.1 'Audience' mix--wonderful balance, huge imaging, and nice use of the rear channels."

by Bob Gendron
The Absolute Sound

"Deacon John’s Jump Blues is an excellent album that brings 1950’s New Orleans jump blues to high-resolution audio. AIX changes gears a little with this release, which is based on analog recordings provided by another studio. Despite this, AIX includes multiple spatial mixes and a good set of extras. Furthermore, the music is top notch with a diverse collection of classic jump blues songs. This album is highly recommended and should be considered a must have for historical jazz fans."

by Jake Griesbach, Ph.D.
New Hampshire

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